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Fake Email for Apple iphone users

Beware of this Fake Email for Apple iphone users



Reference #Ap-002-306-227-573


This is a fake do not reply to it.

Do not Response required

Update your Card information

Upon receipt


Log in to your Apple account as soon as possible

Dear Member,

Recently, there's been activity in your Apple account that seems unusual compared to your normal account activities. Please log in to Apple to confirm your identity and update card information.

What's going on?

We're concerned that someone is using your Apple account without your knowledge. Recent activity from your account seems to have occurred from a suspicious location or under circumstances that may be different than usual.

What to do

Log in to your Apple account as soon as possible. We may ask you to confirm information you provided when you created your account to make sure you're the account holder. We'll then ask you to change your password and security questions.

You should also do the following for your own protection:

  • Check your account details (address, email, phone, etc.) to make sure they're accurate.
  • Click to this link to active your account

Click here to update your Apple account information

What's next?

Let's work together to restore your account. After you complete all of the tasks, we should respond within 24 hours.

Thanks for choosing Apple.


February, 25 2014