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DAT news Summer 2013 Issue by Dale Kimble, President/CEO

Beware! Scammers are on the Loose

I hope you are all having a great's an exciting time of the year!  Unfortunately, it's also a time when we see many scam artists targeting our members, our families, and our friends.  At DATCU, we strive to keep you abreast of anything that might jeopardize your financial freedom and identity.  That's why I wanted to take a few minutes and remind you about some popular scams.  These scams are most often targeted at our elderly members so please take a few moments and take note of these tips.  It may save you, your parents, or your grandparents a great deal of money and headaches.

To help make sure that you or someone you love is not a victim, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Realize that you are a taget - we all are.
  2. Stay involved with friends, family and community activities.  Being isolated from others makes you vulnerable.
  3. When a stranger calls you or comes to your door, don't be aftraid to say "I never buy or give to anyone who contacts me unannounced".
  4. Shred everything!  This includes your credit card receipts, utility bills, or anything that contains sensitive information.
  5. Go to and sign up for the "Do Not Call" list.  This should keep telemarketers from calling you.  And if it doesn't, beware.  Legitimate companies should follow the law and not contact you if you are on this list.
  6. NEVER EVER give out your social security number, credit card or bank account information, Medicare information or anything personal to anyone (unless, of course, you initiate the call.)
  7. Be skeptical.  That shows that you're savvy and that's just plain smart.  Remember, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

We care about you-our members.  If you have a question, think you might be a target, or need our assistance, we're here to help.  Have a great summer and remember that if you need us, our door is always open.

With warmest regards,

Dale Kimble

DATCU, President/CEO

July, 08 2013